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Practice Time

Welcome to Practice Time!


This is for students in our 4 week classes (not kids classes) at our Midtown and Studio West locations. Practice Time can be used for independent time on the pottery wheel, handbuilding as well as glazing. Please read our practice time guidelines so you are prepared for practice time.

  • Practice Time is uninstructed, so work on things that you learned in class. Our studio staff is there to help in the studio, but not to teach

  • Practice time is optional, limited to 1 two hour slot a week. Times do not roll over into other weeks. 

  • Clay is not included for practice time. Clay is available for purchase in the studio during practice time and includes the cost of glazing and firing. No outside clay is permitted. The studio is card only, no cash.

  • Students are responsible for covering their own work

  • You are expected to entirely clean up after yourself. Work surfaces, tools, bats, buckets, stool and floor surrounding your area. This is the only way to make practice time sustainable. Failure to clean up after yourself will result in losing your practice time privileges.

  • Please do not enter more than 5 minutes early as our staff will be resetting for the new practice session. 

  • Clean Up must be prompt. You need to be finished cleaning with work wrapped up on the rack and exiting at the end of your 2 hour session so we make room for the next crew.

  • If you would like to glaze during your practice session, please ask staff to set you up with all the glaze tools.

  • Week 3: all work must be finished and ready to dry so all work gets fired for our final week of class. No throwing new items during third practice session.


Practice Time


Pottery Wheel Practice


Handbuilding Practice Time

MIdtown Practice Schedule

Midtown Practice Time

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

Studio West Handbuilding Practice Time

Schedule your time at the table for Handbuilding

Studio West Pottery Wheel Practice Time

Schedule your time on the Pottery Wheel

West Pottery Wheel Practice Schedule
West Handbuildinh Practice Time
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