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Closeup of hands throwing clay on the potters wheel

Our Classes

We offer 1 Day Classes and 4 Week courses on the pottery wheel and handbuilding, as well as specialty workshops at our 2 locations in Midtown and West End Ventura. Our Studio West, located inside Bell Arts Factory, is upstairs and not handicap accessible.

1 Day Classes

1 Day Classes

Try our 1 Day Classes on the Pottery Wheel or Special Handbuilding Workshops. You learn how to create with clay, choose your glazes at the end, and we finish them for you. Your pottery will be ready to pick up 3-5 weeks after your class.

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Try our Course-style classes to get the full pottery experience. We offer 4-week courses on the Pottery Wheel, handbuilding and special techniques.

Students in our course-style classes have access to practice time slots every week to work on what they learned in class. 

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August Courses Starting Week of August 5 >

4 Week Courses

Kid's Classes

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